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Mary Sharon in Scottsdale
Kitchen and bath reno
in Scottsdale
Hello, We are looking to remodel our kitchen and potentially our bathroom. We also have flooring and popcorn ceilings that we would like to address. In addition, we would like more shade in the backyard. We are interested in seeing how much we can do with our budget. Thank you! Tara
Scottsdale in Scottsdale
Hello, I came across you online during a search. I am looking for a quote for a Project. I would like to speak with someone about your Service, Quote, Your planing process and General cost estimates. Please view project attached initial plans and elevation drawings for the Project. I would appreciate if you could get back to me soon. Please feel free to contact us via email. Regards Omar.
E Tierra Buena Ln in Scottsdale
Looking to build a simple casita structure in our back yard.
Shaw Butte Drive in Scottsdale
Master bathroom remodel quote
E Coronado RD in Scottsdale
We're either going to love it, or list it. We need to expand our home with a major renovation, and we just don't know if it will work. We have a large budget to work with, so it's a matter of whether or not everything we want/need will fit.
in Scottsdale
Add a bathroom to existing space, refinish another bathroom
E Windrose Dr in Scottsdale
Starting a Kitchen, great room and entry remodel project
E. Claire Dr. in Scottsdale
Looking to remove an old cultured marble corner-tub and make the shower larger in the master bathroom. I have some ideas on what I'd like to do, but need an estimate. Thank you!
in Scottsdale
1 Bedroom Casita with Shower and toilet - kitchen - Circa '20 feet x 16 feet' floor plan - Detached from the main home.
E Winchcomb Dr in Scottsdale
We want to update our master bath without changing its footprint plus replace countertops/sinks in a guest bath and install a cabinet based sink in our laundry room to replace an existing utility sink. Is this the type of project that you are interested in?
E Red Bird Rd in Scottsdale
Master Bath Kitchen Other bathes
in Scottsdale
I want to remodel a master bath and guest bath including a tub-to-shower conversion. Liked your website and "aging in place" perspective.
E Pine Valley Dr in Scottsdale
I'm looking to remodel our master bathroom and would like to set up a design consultation. Thank you.
in Scottsdale
I'm interested in having a bathtub removed and having a tile shower with glass door installed. Also possibly a new counter top & 2 sinks in the bathroom.
East Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale
Master bath update shower stall and tub surround.
in Scottsdale
Primarily kitchen redesign and remodel. Possible extension into other areas of home as well.
Bent Tree Drive in Scottsdale
Looking to convert my 3rd car garage into a home office
E. Fanfol Lane in Scottsdale
I have two showers to remodel. I would like to do them one at a time. Downstairs shower first. Main concern is to find a contractor that will start-to-finish in a timely manner. I do not want the walls torn out and then not have anybody return for weeks. The first bathroom should take no more than a week, including dry time. Thanks.
in Scottsdale
Bathroom remodel
E Northern Ave in Scottsdale
Enlarge a laundry room Add a guest suite Create additional storage space Possible game room
in Scottsdale
We need our front porch overhang repaired. The wood rotted, and we removed it, so there is just a beam attached to the house now. Also, we are considering a remodel of our living room, which includes removing a non-loadbearing wall. we'd like to replace the carpet, and maybe some kitchen cabinetry. Eventually, we would also like to add an outdoor kitchen in our side yard. We need to get some ideas and a quote. Thank you.
E Piccadilly Road in Scottsdale
Hello! I have a 2 car garage in my backyard that i would like to convert into a livable casita.
E Dreyfus Ave in Scottsdale
Casita/pool house
in Scottsdale
We are looking to expand our master bedroom and bathroom and would like to get some preliminary pricing.
in Scottsdale
Out bathtun drain is broekn. I cant get it out so we may need a new bathtub enclosure
in Scottsdale
Remodel master bath replace counter top in guest bath install back splash and paint kitchen cabinets
E. Phelps Rd in Scottsdale
Would like an estimate for a remodel project
E Wethersfield Rd in Scottsdale
I would like to build a casita or torn my 3 car garage into living space then build a new gagrage
in Scottsdale
Small casita. 16 w x 20 L x 11' 3" tall. A She Shed of sorts. One large room with a small bedroom. Electric, A/C, Heating. No plumbing. Would be on existing property on section of property
in Scottsdale
Looking for an estimate for a complete bathroom renovation, including expanding with all new fixtures and finishes.
E Indian School Rd in Scottsdale
Would like to add a 250-3500 sq ft casita to my property.
E Laurel Lane in Scottsdale
We want to add a half bath to the hall and add a bathtub to the master. 1970s blessed ck construction home
in Scottsdale
Looking for a tub to shower conversion in the master bath. New cabinets and counters in master and guest. Title in guest bath
Pershing Ave in Scottsdale
3 bed 2 bath 1600-1800 sq. feet guest/in law house and a 2 car garage addition to property. Removal of pool and gazebo possibly relocating pool if fits within desired budget. Would love to have someone come out and discuss my ideas and budget
Pershing in Scottsdale
3 bed 2.5 bath with 2 car garage addition to property
E Dixileta Dr in Scottsdale
We have a powder room that we want to reconfigure and add a shower to. In addition we have an office/3rd bedroom with a large opening to the hallway. We want a glass and wood or shoji type door on that for privacy.
in Scottsdale
Interested in refurbishing my master bath tub and shower area. Also need to restore or replace kitchen cabinets.
E Thunderbird Rd in Scottsdale
The tiles are coming off in the main bathroom..i am afraid it might have mold behind it
in Scottsdale
Bidding a kitchen remodel
E Turney Ave in Scottsdale
Turning Large living room into master bed and bath
N Church Rd in Scottsdale
Wanting an estimate to add a stand alone guest house with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms for our backyard please.
E Culver St in Scottsdale
270 Sq. ft. shed we would like to convert into a tiny studio apartment.
in Scottsdale
We are interested in building a free standing garage w/small office/storage space attached on our property where our house is located
E. Horned Owl Trail in Scottsdale
Following a flood we need to renovate our master bath and an office.
in Scottsdale
We would like to gut our kitchen and master bathroom and have them remodeled at the same time.
in Scottsdale
Kitchen and Living Room addition
in Scottsdale
Replace current tile counter tops in kitchen with granite or similar material. Second stage would be to do similar in two bathrooms.
in Scottsdale
Considering a garage addition or possibly a stand alone garage/casita.
East Chama Rd in Scottsdale
We want to add on to our family room and bedroom
N Via Del Elemental in Scottsdale
We need to add two extra bedrooms, covered garage, change the look of the outside front and back yard.
E Turney Ave in Scottsdale
Looking to do a facelift to the front of my house. Remove planter boxes, fix a few things, and add stucco & stone to front.
in Scottsdale
Master bath remodel. We have ideas for most of the materials we want use. Looking for input on our design ideas and an estimate to complete this project
E. Vista Dr in Scottsdale
Would like to get an estimate on a home addition I would like to do in the near future.
E San Miguel Ave in Scottsdale
We are trying to see if it is financially possible to add a second story onto our house. We would want to add 3 bedrooms and 3 baths there and move some walls on the first floor.
in Scottsdale
 My husband and I just bought a townhome in Scottsdale; built 1978.  Galley kitchen that we want to remodel; likely keep general floor plan (there's Saltillo tile that we don't want to remove and there are a few tiles in garage we can use as needed)  We have one feng shui unusual thing about the oven /stove but otherwise pretty clear about colors, preferences.  We could either replace (or reface?) cabinets; definitely new appliances, keep ceiling but replace lighting.  Can you meet us in Scottsdale Oct 17 or Oct 18 or Oct 22nd to do estimate?  work to start immediately after that (it's not closing for a week or so and we are traveling)  Thanks, Karen Russo & Bill Sneed, [email protected], 602.571.4859
E. Pershing Ave in Scottsdale
We are looking to renovate a 1970's ranch style home into an open concept with the addition of a master bathroom and hopefully a second living room. There are a number of other little things we want to do with this project like removing an old wood burning fireplace and possibly adding a gas fireplace, reworking the current bathroom layout, adding gas to the kitchen, etc.
E San Simon Dr in Scottsdale
Add new mother in law bedroom with new bathroom
in Scottsdale
Want to find out more about adding a one bedroom casita with attached garage.
E. Paradise Dr. in Scottsdale
in Scottsdale
We have a small Master bathroom we want to remodel quickly for resale. 300-400 ish sq feet tub removal, create a walk in shower area & recondition cabinetry and install a new vanity and sinks and hardware etc repaint final Floors are ok Please call if interested Sincerely Michael Gasbarra
E. Calle De Las Estrellas in Scottsdale
Looking to do some minor upgrades to Kitchen, MB and Guest bath. Lighting and mirrors, etc. Entertain suggestions for upgrades. George
E Palm Ln in Scottsdale
Potential Project: Garage Addition to existing game room. 1) Demo and remove North wall of existing game room in preparation for new 16'x7' garage door opening. 2) Remove carpeting and light demo on interior of game room. 3) Infill stud framing and new door for existing 6'x8' opening between game room and kitchen. 4) Install new garage door system.
E Yolantha St in Scottsdale
I would like to know if it is feasible to build a casita at the back of our 1 acre prop located on a county island for my aging parents. Thank you
Laurel Ln in Scottsdale
Want to do an addition with other projects to follow.
E Kathleen Rd in Scottsdale
Interested in quote to expand downstairs bedroom into 2nd master (add bathroom) and expand kitchen to become a great room downstairs
in Scottsdale
Remodel entire house
in Scottsdale
3 bathrooms and hallway closets need to be updated. Also considering kitchen countertop and stairway banister.
N Via Del Elemental in Scottsdale
Kitchen, bathrooms, patio room
Do Not Own Yet in Scottsdale
We are considering purchasing a home in Scottsdale but it requires substantial remodeling and construction. Specifically, need (1) one entire area reconfigured to have a 2nd floor guest suite and underneath it converted from a mishmosh of rooms into a matching guest suite and media room; (2) a family room wood paneling removed and dry walled; (3) a current living room/bedroom/bath area combined into a large suite (for my mother who is 82), a (4) completely new kitchen, (5) a bed/bath area converted into a paneled library, current master suite remodeled completely. This is time sensitive because we will not purchase house if cost prohibitive to fix or if cannot find reliable contractor to complete in 6 months. I can send plans and realtor is willing to walk you thru property.
E Balancing Rock RD in Scottsdale
We are looking to redo our master bath, kitchen and tile most of the house.
in Scottsdale
Small addition to the house and a full kitchen remodel and some other things like floors. need to talk with someone as soon as possible
E Monterra Way in Scottsdale
Would like a free estimate for an addition to our home. I work full time so would need time on a Saturday or Sunday.
N. Grayhawk Dr., in Scottsdale
We would like to update/ remodel our kitchen.
in Scottsdale
Looking for a contractor to do a kitchen and bath remodel
E Hubbell St in Scottsdale
Need lots of in door and out door work
E Rose Garden Lane in Scottsdale
Interested in home remodel/addition. Home is about 18 years old and needs some updating. Would like to add about 500 square feet including a bathroom.
E Gamble Lane in Scottsdale
Looking at placing an addition on my home to add two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
East Pepper Tree Lane in Scottsdale
I need a complete reconfiguration and remodel of my kitchen, all three baths needs updating, new windows and sliders, possibly new flooring.
in Scottsdale
Our kitchen is not an effective use of the space and is in need of new appliances, flooring, cabinetry, and more. I'd love to remodel but don't have any idea of the costs for what I have in mind! I heard about your company through Dave Ramsey and we pay cash! Thank you for your time!
E. McKinley Street in Scottsdale
I am looking for quotes on a kitchen/bathroom/flooring remodel on my home.
E Loving Tree Ln in Scottsdale
Add additional and attached bedroom, aprox 300 sq ft.
in Scottsdale
Looking to add another bedroom
E Desert Cove Ave in Scottsdale
Kitchen and half bath remodel
in Scottsdale
Set up an apt for a design rec. and quote on master bath and closet remodel to start. Trying to decide on contractot for whole house going forward .
E Hearn Rd in Scottsdale
I would like to get an estimate on a pretty big remodel. We are looking to add about a thousand square foot master bedroom, bath, and closet onto our existing house.
Lafayette Blvd in Scottsdale
Update a guest and a master bath
in Scottsdale
Master bathroom remodel
E Baker Drive in Scottsdale
Looking to add a bar which would involve knocking down to large walls in the great room/kitchen area.
E. Holly St in Scottsdale
Looking to convert a tub into a shower. Will need plumbing done and shower insert, but wanting to keep the tub in place. Turning the house into a rental property so not needing anything too fancy.
E Aster Dr in Scottsdale
Would like to know about getting the exterior of the house re-stuccoed and painted. Its a single story 2800 sf home. thank you
E. Via Casta in Scottsdale
Small bathroom remodel....would like a walk in shower....walls tiled
E Long Shadow Trail in Scottsdale
We are looking to convert a tub to a shower. and later redo the master bath.
E Beverly Lane in Scottsdale
Looking to add a mother in law studio to sister in laws home. We developed a lot of detail. looking for input and pricing
E Juniper Ave in Scottsdale
Bathroom , Bathroom Facents fixing , other changes. Exterior & Interior painting
E. Karen Dr in Scottsdale
Remove an existing wall that separates two bedrooms to make one larger room. Make necessary repairs to the remaining walls, ceiling and floor. The wall to be removed has cable and electrical outlets in it. Remove and enclose one door opening. stretch existing carpet to fill in floor (if there is enough material). Remove one ceiling fan and cap and cover the power source and relocate a second ceiling fan to the center of the room. add four recessed lights with a dimmer switch. Paint the room including the ceiling.
E. Pinchot Ave. in Scottsdale
We would like to remodel our kitchen and expand the square footage of the room by a little bit.
E Garfield St in Scottsdale
Kitchen and bath the kitchen is completely empty to the walls. 10 x 10 The bath is second floor, needs tub removed and shower built. FLoor needs replacing. Built in the 60s.
E. Cavalry Dr in Scottsdale
Master bath updating
E Tierra Buena Lane in Scottsdale
I would like to update my kitchen cabinets and counter top, received a word of mouth from a friend of mine about your company in relation to the kind of work you do. The kitchen/cabinets is/are about 34 linear foot in total.
in Scottsdale
We are gathering bids for a bath remodel. Items interested in include: new shower configuration, new tub configuration, floor tile, possible other small items.
E. Joan De Arc Ave in Scottsdale
Wanting to build / remodel for a Casita. Add Kitchenette, expanded ADA bathroom, Utility room with washer /dryer, closet and linen closet...etc... thank you.
East Gray Road in Scottsdale
I would like to have a 9 foot sliding door replaced with a 6 foot sliding door. I would like to remove wood siding on an addition I had put in many years ago and replace with stucco or brick to match the rest of the house. The area is approximately 45 feet long minus the 6 foot sliding door, 3 60" x 60" windows and 2 60" x 24" windows, and one screen door. I would also like to put a roof over a 12' x 19' cement slab.
E. Lupine Ave in Scottsdale
Need to repaint house; but would like to re-stucco it first
E Friess Drive in Scottsdale
Looking for a whole house remodel.
E Thompson Peak Pkwy in Scottsdale
Casita in Tapadero DC ranch
E. Buckskin Trail in Scottsdale
Have no idea where we could locate a casita on this property without ruining our view or our neighbors view. It may not even be able to be done on this lot. We have no idea what our property lines are as we never got a plat when we bought this house.
E Chaparral in Scottsdale
I am looking for the best prices for kitchen remodel and design. I also need cabinet refacing in bath.
E Coyote Wash Dr in Scottsdale
Need to paint interior, include closets and shelves, some ceilings, minor dry wall repair.
E Whitewing Dr. in Scottsdale
We need to enclose a toilet to make a "commode closet" in our master bath. Involves framing, drywall, door installation (we have the door). We will do the painting. Thanks!
in Scottsdale
Thinking of a kitchen remodel and maybe a bit more
E Caron St in Scottsdale
Interested in extention or casitas
in Scottsdale
I am an Interior Designer and have some clients that are looking to remodel a Master and Guest Bathroom in a condo. They are wanting to work with a licensed contractor and I want to get an estimate for the project. I have the floor plans and all details.
E Carol Way in Scottsdale
Would like to build a Casita.