Save Energy, Save Money, and Save Your A/C

Thursday, April 7th, 2022 by Tracy Prouty

Save Energy, Save Money, and Save Your A/C - Image 1

If you have a flat roof that is not currently set for a foam insulation system, you are spending too much money on cooling your

home. With a rolled roofing or tar set up, the heat permeates all the way through the attic space in your home to your ceiling. Have

you ever felt the heat on your ceiling in the summertime? That is the thermal barrier from the outside to the inside and the temperature

above it can reach 160 to 180 degrees!


When you upgrade to a foam system, the top of your roof acts as the heat barrier and reduces the heat coming in through the roof

by 95%! A foam roofing system is the only roofing system that will pay for itself!




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